Musée des Transports Urbains Interurbains et Ruraux - 21st November 1961 to 5th March 2013

Musée des Transports Urbains Interurbains et Ruraux The comprehensive time line for 488 while in the ownership of Glasgow Corporation Transport, ends abruptly in November 1961 with the loading of cannibalised sections of the tramcar onto a small coastal cargo ship to sail out onto the River Clyde bound for the Amtuir Museum in Paris.

It is unknown which port the tramcar was destined for, but it is thought it was somewhere along the River Seine near to the Museum premises.

It would be nice if a timeline could be created while 488 was in France, particularly when it was actually on display and the time spent at various storage sites that it subsequently rested before its return to the UK. Known locations were Malakoff, Saint-Mande, Doves and Chelles.

So, can you help by contributing with data for this section of the web site? If you can, please email with such information you may have. Also pictures of the tram when on display in the museum, would be particularly welcomed.

August 1984:
Photographed lingering at the back of the Museum in St. Mandé.

Monday 22nd April 2013:
The upper deck of #488 leaves Noyon bound for the UK by road via a regular ferry across the Channel.