Glasgow Corporation Transport - 19th September 1903 to 20th November 1961

Glasgow Corporation TransportSignificant events for Glasgow Tram 488 are shown as a timeline and has been created from information derived from the records maintained by Glasgow Corporation Transport by Struan Robertson.

The data presented far exceeds anything else for any other tram with the possible exception of trams 1005 and 1100.

19th September 1903:
Despatched for service from Coplawhill Car Works. 488 was one of a batch of 70 comprising the last of the open-topped un-canopied Standard trams with monitor roofs and 90 degree-turn stairs. These trams were slightly improved from the earlier batches in having louvered, rather than perforated ventilator strips and inside-spring trolley masts. 488 was a Green car and fitted with Brill 21E 6'-0" wheelbase truck with Westinghouse 49B 30 HP motors and [probably] Westinghouse Type 90M controllers.

Given lengthened platforms, 180 degree-turn stairs, top cover with open balconies and short square-cut roofs. Truck, motors and controllers unchanged.

9th July 1923:
Fitted with platform vestibules, new Brill 21E truck with 7'-0" wheelbase. Still retained Green route colour.

23rd May 1931:
Car reconditioned, fitted with enclosed balconies, upholstered seating, 2x60 HP GEC motors of type WT28, Brush 21E pattern 8'-0" wheelbase truck, English Electric CDB2 controllers, Form F2, heaters and air brakes (possibly Westinghouse). Route colour changed from Green to White. Allocated to Dalmarnock Depot.

The following comprise the principal repairs and alterations carried out from then on: [there are some gaps].

10th November 1937:
Yearly overhaul and repaint.

25th April 1939:
Repainted. Probably date of conversion from White cat to "Bus Green". Livery simplified eliminating Greek corner pattern detailing.

19th July 1939:
Dash and vestibule repairs at Elderslie Depot workshops.

18th August 1939:
Yearly overhaul.

21st September 1940:

12th October 1940:

12th April 1941:

4th June 1941:
Vestibule repairs and body strengthening.

23rd August 1941:

15th December 1941:
Dash and vestibule repairs.

2nd April 1942:
Yearly overhaul.

4th December 1942:
Dash and vestibule repairs, No.2 end.

6th June 1943:
Truck overhaul and rewheeling. Still allocated to Dalmarnock Depot.

15th July 1943:
Broken axle.

31st July 1943:
Two new tyres.

28th August 1943:
Two new tyres. [The other two, presumably].

12th February 1944:
Wheels turned up.

24th May 1944:
Yearly overhaul. [Took three weeks]. Fitted with square section springs.

4th December 1944:
Dash and vestibule repairs.

27th January 1945:
Wheels turned up.

19th May 1945:

25th June 1945:
Compressor motor replaced.

25th August 1945:
Two wheels turned up.

16th September 1946:
Attention to truck frame.

23rd September 1946:
Wheels turned up.

18th April 1947:
Yearly overhaul and repaint. Livery further simplified to final style.

25th November 1947:
Attention to vestibule and truck.

31st January 1948:
Wheels turned up.

4th October 1948:
Body shifted etc., Truck frames re-welded, Wheels turned up.

14th May 1949:
New tyres.

28th September 1949:
Dash and vestibule repairs, No.1 end. Yearly overhaul and repaint.

27th November 1949:
Platform displaced.

29th November 1950:
Controller changed in depot.

1st December 1950:
Other controller changed in depot.

31st March 1951:
Truck changed at rewheeling. Hoffman and Bock roller bearing axle-boxes.

10th January 1952:
Yearly overhaul and repaint.

11th November 1952:
Dash and vestibule repairs.

3rd November 1953:
Major overhaul and repaint.

1st February 1954:
Truck frame renewed.

4th June 1954:
New tyres.

9th July 1954:
Repairs to magnetic brake.

27th April 1955:
Attention to truck side frame.

11th August 1955:
Attention to truck side frame.

18th November 1955:
Wheels turned up.

31st December 1956:
Major overhaul and repaint. New tyres.

18th April 1957:
Two new tyres.

12th June 1957:
Truck frame broken. Repairs to No.1 dash light frame. Transferred to Partick Depot.

22nd November 1957:
Two wheels turned up.

26th November 1957:
No.2 air reservoir holed. Back in Dalmarnock Depot.

17th February 1958:
Repairs to upper deck sheeting, canopy and floor, also platform mirror.

22nd April 1958:
No.2 vestibule and canopy repaired.

19th October 1959:
Repair to truck cross-iron. Then allocated to Partick Depot.

1st December 1959:
Attention to top deck door and wearing plate. Back in Dalmarnock Depot.

27th January 1960:
Brief spell at Parkhead Depot.

4th February 1960:
No.1 motor changed in depot. [By then, Maryhill Depot].

23rd February 1960:
Compressor changed in depot. [By then, Dennistoun Depot].

7th April 1960:
Withdrawn from service at Dalmarnock for reconditioning and repainting for AMTUIR Museum, Paris.

22nd March 1961:
After storage in Coplawhill Car Works paint shop, called back to service following loss of 50 trams in fire at Dalmarnock Depot.

Friday 24th March 1961:
Running on Service 15 [route 3] Anderston Cross to Baillieston.

Saturday 3rd June 1961:
Performed the last journey of Service 18 from Burnside terminus and was driven by Liverpool enthusiast, Martin Jenkins.

Sunday 4th June 1961:
488 with 1005 outside Maryhill Depot Was used with 1005 for an enthusiast tour from Maryhill Depot to Dalmarnock Depot, to Tollcross, to Coplawhill Car works, then back to Maryhill Depot.

See the section "488 in Revenue Earning Service" for an enlargement of this picture.

22nd June 1961:
Transferred from Maryhill Depot to storage in Coplawhill Car Works.

22nd June 1961:
To storage again at Coplawhill Paint shop.

11th August 1961:
Transferred to paint Shop for touching up in preparation of move to Paris.

29th August 1961:
Transferred to erecting shop for final remedial attention following use in service after Dalmarnock Depot fire.

3rd September 1961:
Top deck separated for transportation to Paris and, eventually, No.2 end taken off to enable tram to fit into hold of ship.

20th November 1961:
488 almost on deck for the voyage to FranceDeparted Glasgow for Paris on board MV Meuse [a Dutch coaster].

See the section "To France and Back" for more pictures.

21st November 1961:
Into Preservation.