Boston Lodge Engineering - 6th March 2013 to date
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Boston Lodge EngineeringRestoration of 488 takes place here although some elements requiring specialist attention will be subcontracted out.

Wednesday 6 March 2013:
The lower deck of 488 arrives at Minffordd. [Temporary storage area until it can be received into the workshops].

Tuesday 23 April 2013
The top deck is unexpectedly delivered to Minffordd requiring urgent provision of a crane and personal to supervise unloading.

Monday 13 May 2013
Planning begins to move both decks down to Boston Lodge on the same day.

Between August 2013 and March 2014
•  End removed in 1961 has been separated to gain access for assessment of work needed.
•  1961 end dash windows removed and stored.
•  1961 end destination box restoration started

LOWER DECK - External work
•  Body separated from the truck.
•  Wooden under frame cleaned and repaired where needed.
•  Bolts supporting the end platforms replaced with new.
•  End platform woodwork renewed under controllers and hand brakes.
•  Dash Metalwork removed and sent for shot blasting.
•  Hand brakes removed and sent for shot blasting.
•  Dash windows removed. Taken apart, restored and re-glued together. New glass in stock.
•  External ventilator's removed for storage.
•  External metal beading removed and sent for shot blasting.
•  All external panels removed, body frame repairs done and replaced with marine quality ply wood.
•  All external paint burnt off and body sanded.
•  All life guard equipment removed. Metalwork sent for shot blasting.
•  End steps removed and metalwork sent for shot blasting.
•  End roof frames removed. New end curves made but not fitted yet. Repairs started on roof spars.
•  Bottom deck roof/Top deck floor removal started.

LOWER DECK - Internal work
•  Ventilator windows removed. Restoration started.
•  Sliding doors removed and stored.
•  All internal mouldings removed and stored.
•  Three middle ceiling panels removed and sent to specialist firm for restoration.
•  Light fittings removed and stored.
•  All seating removed and stored.
•  Old body varnish removal started.
•  Lower body panels removed pending renewal.
•  Side glass removed.

•  Separated from the lower deck.
•  Assessment of work to be carried out.
In contact with Dorlec in Clay Cross. They have inspected the truck along with two engineers from the Tramway Museum at Crich. The work to be carried out being the overhaul and re-gauging of the truck.

•  Steam clean stove and test.
•  Carry out UAT on armature shaft.
•  Skim and undercut commutator.
•  Overhaul Brush Gear.
•  Supply and fit new Bearings.
•  Supply and fit new carbon Brushes.
•  Supply and fit new Power Leads.
•  Varnish and stove.
•  Reassemble and test run.

•  Remove all Paint and corrosion on Axle.
•  Inspect Gears for wear.
•  Carry out UAT on both Axles.
•  Attempt to press wheels into new position to achieve new gauge.
•  Machine Wheels to profile.
•  Carry out a full dimension check and record.
•  Carry out a second UAT on both axles.
•  Paint with etch primer, undercoat and gloss.