Glasgow Standard Tram

Preserving Glasgow Tram No.488

It's history and restoration progress in the UK

Horse tram services started 19 August 1872
Electric traction from 13 October 1898 until 4 September 1962
Tramway abandonment's started in 1926, with major route closures from 1956 onwards
Trolleybuses introduced 3 April 1949 - Abandoned 27 May 1967

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Make contact with the 488 team by clicking on the icon below and we will call you. Not always straight away, but a return call will come!

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Contacting Us Previously shown on this page was a postal address to write to (which over the last seven years nobody did) and a telephone number for the trustee to the estate of Peter Mitchell (which did no more than increase the number of nuisance calls). So, this information has been expunged leaving contact via email and telephone for you to use.

This is a hobby site meaning that a response to your email might take a day or two before you get a reply and if phoning, the answering machine may kick in. To email us, a hyperlink is provided that usually opens your email client but if that doesn't happen, use the Message Form below.

Calls to our 05 number cost no more than if calling an 01/02/03 number but are seldom included in a call package from a voice line provider. For more information, click on the phone icon below.

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