Glasgow Standard Tram

Preserving Glasgow Tram No.488

It's history and restoration progress in the UK

Horse tram services started 19 August 1872
Electric traction from 13 October 1898 until 4 September 1962
Tramway abandonment's started in 1926, with major route closures from 1956 onwards
Trolleybuses introduced 3 April 1949 - Abandoned 27 May 1967

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Click here to connect to the AMTUIR web site

AMTUIR - Urban Transport Museum
The AMTUIR is responsible for a collection of over one hundred and fifty vintage vehicles. They are maintained and repaired for public display and to provide income through their hire for special events. Tramcars are actively being restored with the eventual aim of having a historic streetcar line.

Boston Lodge Engineering
Glasgow tram No.488 will be restored by craftsmen at the Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railways Boston Lodge Engineering Works. The executors of Peter Mitchell's estate selected the railway to carry out restoration work following its acclaimed work on London Transport Museum's Metropolitan Jubilee Carriage 353.


Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railways
With no viewing facilities to see restoration work on Glasgow tram 488 available, a visit to the area should include riding on the Ffestiniog Railway's 13½ mile line from the harbour in Porthmadog to the slate-quarrying town of Blaenau Ffestiniog. Alternatively visit the The Welsh Highland Railway which is Snowdonia's newest railway. Trains start a spectacular 25 mile scenic journey from beneath the castle walls at Caernarfon.

Radley Models web site

Radley Models
Of particular interest on this site is the availability of a 3D printed kit of an '0' Gauge Glasgow 'Hex-Dash' model tramcar. Supplied is a resin body in high definition 16 micron resolution smooth 3D material and parts. Priced at £185 in July 2015.

Model Tram Kit of Glasgow 'Standard' tram Sold separately by Terry Russell Trams is an accurate Glasgow Corporation 8 foot wheelbase RTR, "below floor" motored truck, using overhead or 2-rail power source, with or without DCC ready facility for around £95.00. Ordered variations may cost more, so please ask for a quotation for your choice of power source.

While there is a bow collector supplied with the kit from Radley Models, you can have a Terry Russell ready to run version for £40.

A sequence of pictures of this model tram kit can be accessed by clicking on the view of the completed model shown above.

Click here to connect to the EATM web site

East Anglia Transport Museum
This web site provides all the information needed to plan a visit to the museum which is situated just a couple of miles from Lowestoft in Suffolk. The museum's collection of vehicles includes vintage trans from Blackpool, Lowestoft, London and Amsterdam. In 2016 a Glasgow 'Standard' #488 will join the fleet following restoration work at Boston Lodge Works in North Wales.

Historic journeys can be made by tram from the Museum's Chapel Road Terminus travelling over rails laid into the custom built road network before swinging into a reservation leading to the Hedley Grove terminus.

The museum has brought together relevant items of street furniture that includes post boxes, phone kiosks and street lamps to show the vehicles operating in an environment that is both interesting and appropriate.

News for the Museum is now to be found on their Facebook Page


Preserved London Trolleybus 796
This trolleybus is owned by the Paris Transport Museum [AMTUIR] but in recent years had not been on display to the public. Accordingly an approach was made to AMTUIR to see if they were prepared to put 796 on a ten year loan agreement to the LTPS, whose operating premises are at the East Anglia Transport Museum at Carlton Colville.

After lengthy negotiations this was agreed and the vehicle returned to UK soil almost 50 years to the day from its departure. Restored to working order, it is often see out on duty at the museum.

British Trans on Line

British Trams Online
British Trams Online contains news, features, photos and much more on tram and light rail systems in the UK including Blackpool, Manchester, Croydon and the Crich Tramway Village

The site aims to be one of the best tram and light rail websites on the internet. The majority of the news stories here originate from local newspapers supplemented by information submitted by trams enthusiasts.

Scottish Tramway & Transport Society

Scottish Tramway & Transport Society
The society is for anyone interested in the passenger transport scene in Scotland.

Glasgow Transport 1871 - 1973

Glasgow Transport 1871 - 1973
This site contains information on Glasgow Tramway & Omnibus Company Ltd. 1871 - 1894 and Glasgow Corporation Transport 1894 - 1973

Glasgow Transport Memorabilia

Glasgow Transport Memorabilia
Glasgow's Trams. This site uses extensively material found in the booklet, 'Glasgow's Trams', published in 1964 by the Glasgow Museums & Art Galleries Department.

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